Shall we talk about Vegas?

Shall we? By the way, I apologise for my absence! Vegas hit me hard! The holiday blues…were awful! But I’m back, so here we go.

If I’m honest this was always going to be my next post…but I’ve been avoiding it (mainly because it will probably end with me booking my return trip)! As much as I would love to say that I was over it and ready to come home to what was a sunny London town…I could’ve easily stayed longer.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love London and the UK, it will always be my home. But Las Vegas…now that is a totally different animal. It’s like no other, it's totally insane. People everywhere, having fun and laughing up and down Las Vegas Boulevard. Blazing hot sun, immense architecture (99% of them themed hotels). It was immense. From Flamingos to Chandeliers, the hotel designs were amazing. A touch of Europe, with hotels like Paris, with it’s Eiffel tower replica, the Venetian staging its very own Venice Canal, Caesars Palace with an obvious Greek mythology theme (one of my favourite subjects). Other themes included New York City…literally New York City. Egyptian Pyramids, Castles!

Venice Canal at the Venetian Hotel

Poseidon Statue at Caesars Palace

New York New York Hotel

Not to mention the endless amount of casinos!! Now, I’m not a gambling man, but you can definitely have some fun with it. Didn’t play all of the various games but I did have a lot of fun with friends on slot machines.

Unlike some stag or hens dos I’ve heard and now seen, I definitely wasn’t partying as much as others out there. It’s definitely one of the reasons why I was adamant that I could’ve spent another week out there. Would I still be saying that if I were on the rare 4-day bender? Most likely! I was with amazing people, staying in Hawaiian themed Mirage Hotel.

We enjoyed cocktails in hotel bars (I had a Cosmopolitan inside the Cosmopolitan hotel. Most didn't see the funny side, but I'm a cocktail man at heart. I even got called Bouji at a pool party by Wet Republic staff - Click for definition, haha). Tables at pool parties, restaurants with amazing food and some of the biggest clubs i've been to. 

Hotel pool at The Mirage

My Cosmopolitan, at The Cosmopolitan

Finishing School, at The Cosmopolitan

Rooftop Bar at The Mandalay Bay Hotel 

Smores Mocha at Hash House a Go Go, Linq Hotel

The Infamous Chicken Benedict, Hash House a Go Go, Linq Hotel

Chicken & Waffles with Cinnamon French Toast, iHOP (A must in my eyes)

Those who know me are probably bored of hearing this…but I was born to be in the States. I love the cities, the culture, the people, the food and the sports (Oh the sports). To be able to turn on a TV and see American football on tap without paying hundreds of pounds to watch it online (I subscribe to the NFL Game Pass), I loved it!!! My point is I could probably live and enjoy being in any US state. Ok maybe not just any US state.

So other than exploring Vegas, the odd pool party and night out here at some of the most amazing pool bars, clubs and hotels, another crazy thing about the trip was The Grand Canyon…now that was humbling!! Just the sheer size of it was enough for Helen and I stop and stand in awe of this wonder. After a 4 and half hour drive of chat in our ‘Happy Wagon’ of friends we arrived at the North Rim of the Canyon, known for being the less touristy side! And it was truly amazing…the images pretty much speak for themselves.

The Grand Canyon

My advice, definitely see it for yourself!

So that pretty much sums up my trip. I hope you enjoyed this post. As much as I avoided writing this in fear of missing Vegas, it was definitely a reminder of the fun memories that we made.

Vegas, I will be back!

Until next time,


Thank to this crazy bunch for making the trip extra special! x