Summer Workout Tips

With summer almost upon us…I say almost because in the UK summer comes and goes as it pleases. It’s a great time to get outdoors and workout after hibernating in offices and gyms for 9 months of the year. Our first instinct is to get out there and top up our vitamin D, stat! But sometimes we forget to think about a few things before sitting, let alone working out in the British (or even holiday) sunshine.

Here are a few tips to looking after your self and getting the most out of your summer workouts.

Stay Hydrated

Prepare the body with plenty of water, leading up to, during and for the rest of your day post workout. If there is news of a heat wave coming, start hydrating in those countdown days leading into the great weather.

Follow the Scout motto…be prepared

Have your outdoor summer appropriate workout kit at the ready. Wicking clothing that is going to keep you cool while you’re sweating away is a must. This will give you the ability to enjoy your workout and focus on getting after it.

Temperature is key

Keep an eye on the temperature. If it seems abnormally hot maybe go for you’re an air-conditioned gym, or just a brisk walk rather than an intense workout outside. In most of our working lives getting out at lunchtime might be the most convenient but its not necessarily the best idea. Try to avoid the midday sun. As we know the sun is at its highest point at midday. So be smart, organised and flexible so that you workout at the safest time. Choose a cooler environment to workout in. Beach breezes (if your lucky enough to be near them) and even exercising in the rain can help you to stay cool.

Get acclimated

Your body will take around 2 weeks to acclimatise to the weather…of course it would help if we had that kind of consistency in the weather. But this applies to when going on holiday also. I; like others, love a holiday workout. So while the weather is nice, build up your tolerance at home so you can enjoy it even more while you’re away. To start with take frequent breaks, especially if it’s scorching hot. Keep workouts to around 20-30mins and increase gradually.

Utilise your surroundings

Some people love to just pound the tarmac or grass but others will like the mix it up. Use benches for step-ups, push-ups, dips and shoulder presses. Bike stands for bodyweight rows and stairs to kick your butt and up that intensity even more.

Consider Sports drinks

For sunny outdoor workouts for beginners or the more experienced exerciser going for an intense workout, consider a rehydrating sports drink to help replace sodium, potassium and electrolytes you’ll lose from sweating in the sun.

Most of all…listen to your body! If you start to feel out of sorts, dizzy or nauseous stop immediately. It’s always good to have a workout partner with you for an added push, some company or just for safety.  Keep all these in mind and I reckon you’ll be all set.