Staying Hydrated

For those of you that haven't see it I thought I'd repost one of my more popular posts about staying hydrated. 

We’ve all had it drilled into us that we should drink more water. We all know that we don’t drink enough of it. Lets take a look at the facts…

Water in the Body

It’s common knowledge that the body is made up of 75-80% water. Most of our vital organs contain and use water to keep the body working efficiently. It is also a critical component of brain, blood, muscle and bone function, not to mention aiding digestion.

Water makes up 75-80% of the brain, blood is 80-85% water and Muscles are made up of 70-75% water. Because of this we know that water is essential. The body can only survive for 3-5 days without it. But know also that your body cannot make or store water. So it is important to replenish what you have eliminated…especially through exercise.

Drinking a lot of water will give most people that bloated feeling. If you aren’t drinking enough water your body will hold on to it and not excrete it. The body in turn will use this water for normal bodily function and cause the appearance of bloating.

Your Solution: Drink more!!

By drinking more water your body will function better, increase metabolism and burn calories more efficiently. If you’re still feeling bloated after drinking enough to keep the body hydrated, take a look at your sodium intake. A side effect of too much sodium in your diet is water retention and bloating.

Disclaimer: Internet Image

Disclaimer: Internet Image

So how much do you actually need…

Here’s an equation to help you work it out.

Bodyweight (kg) x 1.12oz

Bodyweight (lb.) x 0.55oz

To convert this into litres multiply the end result by 0.03l.

Athletes or people who train regularly will also need to replace water that they’ve lost throughout a workout.

Now…the number you get might seem like a lot, but remember that you can also get your water in through your food. Most fruit and vegetables are made up mainly of water. This also includes tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks. But be careful, if you aren’t used to caffeine it will act as diuretic and cause dehydration.

Disclaimer: Internet Image

Disclaimer: Internet Image

Tips to staying hydrated

  • Carry a water bottle with you to ensure hitting the water intake number.
  • Drink small amounts often, rather than large amounts less often. This can actually lead to slowing down digestion and absorption.
  • Drink water before, during and after your workouts to avoid overheating and staying hydrated.
  • Coconut water has essential vitamins and minerals, electrolytes and sodium to help rehydrate you after your workout.


Want to burn more calories while drinking water?

By drinking cold water your body needs to work to warm it up, which in turn burns extra calories.

Until next time.