2018: The Year of Opportunity

Happy 2018 everyone (Can I even say that anymore...screw it I'm going to anyway), welcome back to my blog! 

I'm sat in a coffee shop (after revisiting this post time and time again), thinking, what did I accomplish in 2017? So I had a look back at my first post of 2017, #Unlocking Potential. If I try to think back to how I felt while writing that post... I was pumped! I'd joined different blogger communities, signed up to new events, courses and had planned to push my photography as far as I could. I'd jumped in with two feet. No armbands, no lessons, no nothing. Just pure excitement!

Boy, did I get a punch in the face!

To be honest with you, 2017 was not a good year at all. A year where my love for my day job dropped for various reasons and put a halt on everything I did. My training, this blog, my photography. There was a day in August 2017, where I walked in and almost said "I quit! I'm done!". Through the year, my emotions from work had steered me in the wrong direction and I'd gradually forgotten why I'd created my blog in the first place. So a couple of posts after my Lets have a chat about confidence post, I decided to stop the blog for a little bit and really try to remember why I created it in the first place (which I most definitely think I have said before).    

This time, took the pressure off. By focusing just an ounce of self awareness I slowly was able to dismiss all the little things that were affecting me day to day and remember the bigger picture. The time helped me reflect on why the year turned out the way it had. Don't get me wrong, I'm still on the road to truly figuring that out, but I'm on the right path. I got back into my photography, shooting things that I enjoy as a release and a form of relaxation. Unfortunately this was a journey my camera did not survive (RIP Mr M3). But I took the plunge and invested in my dream camera! I haven't looked back since. By Mid November my personal training day job had finally sorted itself out and I was emotionally back on the right track. For this I have to thank my closest friends and colleagues and my family. But especially my girlfriend Helen. For putting up with my moods, always being positive and for supporting me in anything I decide to do.

Now on to 2018! A year where I promise to push myself and finish it without any regrets. Starting with entering the #Gymshark66 2018 challenge. 66 days to change your life. I'll speak about this in more details in another post. This year has also brought a photography side to my business (which I still cannot believe), so be sure to keep an eye on the Portfolio section of the blog. You'll also now notice that these posts will now be my journal. The journal of my passions, to hopefully inspire people to be great, both physically and mentally (dressing well along the way of course).

Until next time,  live & enjoy life.

Ash x