London Fashion Week: Oliver Spencer A/W '16

So, after just talking about Vegas, let's talk about London Fashion Week!

Quick disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, in collaboration or association with anyone. All opinions below are my own.

One of my goals for taking on the fashion side to my Lifestyle Blog was to one day get the chance to experience, London Fashion Week. Who’ve thought that I'd actually get to the chance to go this year!!

My Show Outfit

Designer Oliver Spencer collaborated with a social media app called Vero and GQ Magazine, to bring the first menswear only show to this years London Fashion Week. GQ we're giving out tickets to the general public & naturally I jumped at the opportunity. Now, I never win anything, but it seems that my luck is changing. It was also one of the first ‘Buy Now’ shows, in which you could buy key items of the models back, via the Vero app. Tech these days aye!

What an experience! This event was kind of make or break for me since turning a corner in my blogging journey. If I loved the show then I knew that I had made the right decision moving from just fitness to more of a Lifestyle blog, if I didn’t, then I'd be a little lost. My initial verdict...I loved it!! I remember thinking to myself,

"How on earth am I walking through to the front of a queue at a London Fashion Week Show?”

I have to say; just being outside the venue was an experience in itself. There was a crazy energy, chaos and anticipation. Gathering individuals and groups, flamboyantly dressed, trying to express their style and get noticed. Photographers everywhere! Fighting for a glimpse of a VIP or just someone different. Now, I'm a people watcher. This…was people watch heaven. A range of colours, palettes, prints. There was an air of excitement (with a touch of extravagance, with a big ol' side of arrogance). It was great! 

Obviously it being my first show I was pretty reluctant to step out of my comfort zone, but in turn I was able to still be myself and try and interact with others.


Anyway...the show! In a word…inspiring! Inside the show were people that I never thought I’d see. The likes of GQ Editor Dylan Jones, Model David Gandy and of course Designer Oliver Spencer himself. The show was amazing! With Afro-beats playing the whole way through, you couldn’t help but nod your head to the beat.  Check out the show and the full collection of looks here. Here are some of my favourite looks (Official London Fashion Week Images).

The colour palette of brown, midnight blue, forest green and London grey with tones of blood red and a greyish pale yellow aka. Ecru, were an amazing combination. It automatically gave that Autumn/Winter vibe. The style could only be described as Quintessentially British aesthetic, with such a relaxed and comfortable fit. I could see most of the items worn for both, smart and casual occasions.

To top it all off I found myself relaxing at the after party! Just an immense atmosphere and vibe! I was able to chat, make friends and new contacts. It was just an amazing experience! Big thanks to Oliver Spencer and GQ magazine for the opportunity.

To shop Oliver Spencer A/W range click here.

For GQ's coverage: Site and Video (Watch out for me in the first few seconds 😜).

This world is still somewhat alien to me. But not for long!

Until next time,