Mens Skin Care | My Grooming Routine

Hey guys, welcome to another post. Hope you had a great weekend and you're grabbing this week by the horns. I thought I’d share my grooming routine with you guys as, funnily enough, it's something that I often get asked, haha (sounds really funny saying that out load). But seriously, one thing I strongly believe, is that to be the best version of yourself you should always take care of your body. Normally this is where I would move on to fitness, but today I'm diving into skin care. I hope that my very simple routine, will help you take that next step to feeling a little more confident about your skin.

First things first, there are a couple of products on my radar. Now, I normally don't get any expensive products, but the Clinique Men's range looks right up my street with array of great, high quality products. So watch this space! Another is a Men's Trimmer by Panasonic. I'm generally not one for trimmers, but the design of this one intrigues me, so I will definitely be keeping an eye on it to help step up my facial hair & shape up maintenance.

As someone who has lived an active lifestyle from a young age, having a good and consistent skin routine (although it maybe simple), has been one of the reasons I stay looking younger than my actual age. Now I admit, one thing that makes it easy for me, is not having a lot of facial hair ("Cheers Dad" I say with a smile). But the good thing about is that I can really focus on looking after my skin. Also, I believe the smooth, baby faced look is making a comeback and guess who will be leading the pack! :-)

So the products I've used for years now, are part of the Nivea For Men Collection, more specifically products from the Protect & Care, Active Energy and Original ranges. If you have sensitive skin, Nivea For Men have a full Sensitive range.

Now onto my very simple routine:

  1. I generally shower for my skin routine because the steam opens up the pores for a deeper clean.
  2. Next I spend lather up my Active Energy Face Wash for 15-25 seconds and apply for a further 15-20 seconds in a circular motion around the face and under the eyes. 1 - 2 times a week I'll swap this out for the Protect & Care Exfoliating Face Scrub.
  3. After dabbing the face dry, I apply the Active Energy Skin Revitaliser Face Cream (Day) or the Nivea For Men Crème (Night).

Bonus Step: Recently I’ve noticed some darker circles around my eyes, so I add in the L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Eye Roller to help in the mornings.


So there we have it, three easy steps to looking after your skin. I hope you've found this post useful. If you have any questions please do ask and I'll do all I can to help.

What’s your favourite skin product?

Until next time, be the best version of you.