Chasing the Light | Blogmas Day 6

Welcome to Blogmas Day 6! Today I'll be talking photography, as its something that I'm really passionate about. By the way, thank you to everyone who has been keeping up with the Blogmas posts. Really appreciate all the love and feedback.

Now for a bit of context! I recently attended a Lululemon event with my girlfriend Helen and our friend Sarah. The girls went a little shopping mad and I kindly decided to join in! I have to admit, I probably looked the craziest of the three of us.

So we decided to shoot what the girls had purchased. Now, although it was cloudy most of the time, we really tried hard to move around and 'chase the light' where we could. So I think i'll just let the images just speak for themselves. Here are some of my favourites.

I feel like I'm definitely learning more, the more time I spend behind the lens. 

A mini shout out to Creative, Noel Mack and his girlfriend Charlotte Morris for some of the insights they gave me while watching them work back in the summer. Noel is one of my favourite creators and everything he touches turns to creative gold. It's taken me a while to really understand what Noel talked about regarding lighting, but I had a bit of a eureka moment while 'chasing the light' with the girls (you'll notice the point of change from the backlit shots).  So if you get a chance. Make sure you check him out. I'll provide links to everyone below.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Any feedback and comments are more than welcome.

Until next time.



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