My Favourites Series: Blogs and all that good stuff!

So I wanted to add the next instalment of 'My Favourites Series' with talking about my favourite Blogs, Magazines and YouTubers (fitness and others).

So lets start with blogs and really; there is only one that I really love and read on a regular basis. That blog is 'IAMGALLA'. It's made by a guy called Adam Gallagher. He is probably the leader in mens fashion blogging. With collaborations with all sorts of luxury and amazing brands, to putting out amazing content and photographs of his travels and campaigns. He's always been someone that I aspire to be like. To one day have to kind of following that he does would be amazing and is right now just a dream. Although he is probably the only blog that I follow regularly there are a few others that I really have my eye on. Another part of this process and journey is getting to know other people blogs and I'm sure I'll be mentioning more of them as time goes on. 

(Instagram image: @iamgalla)

Now on the magazines. There are 2 that I subscribe to. Muscle and Fitness and GQ.

As a personal trainer, I love training. Its one of the reasons why I always say that i've never worked a day in my life. I love Muscle & Fitness magazine. It's the perfect balance of tried and tested methods, with entertaining articles from some of the biggest names in fitness and bodybuilding. It touches on nutrition also. I'm not talking FAD diets or other things that you hear in other magazines, but the stuff that ACTUALLY works, the information that gets you results. Scientifically proven, no nonsense information. People may disagree with me but...whatever haha 😜

GQ is by far my favourite magazine of all time!! Quality content, great brands, great people representing and working with them. They are my inspiration for fashion and lifestyle. If I could afford to have everything in that mag I would...but right now, i'll stick to trying to just use them as inspiration. Cracking content both funny and serious, from all sorts of inspiring and influential writers. What more can I say...I LOVE IT!!

(Instagram image: @britishgq)

Now on to YouTubers...I'm going to give you 3, 2 fitness and 1 other. (cause I follow LOTS)!

Other first; and it's Casey Neistat (Pronounced 'Nice-Tat). I started watching his channel recently and am hooked. A filmmaker and family man, he is SOO good! Great editing, great ideas, so original! I just love watching this guys life! Is that sad??

Right on to fitness YouTubers. Christian Guzman & Steve Cook. Two leaders in the fitness industry, but both in different ways. Christian is the ultimate (and what a few people are calling themselves nowadays) 'fitness entrepreneur'. He has is own clothing brand, gym and is just awesome. My girlfriend and I are addicted to watching his stuff. Steve Cook is the ideal person to represent your fitness brand. You just want to be like him. An Optimum Nutrition and Gym Shark athlete, he's force to be reckoned with in the gym. I love watching him go through life, travelling to amazing places, amazing gyms, collaborating with great people. Awesome!!

Thats all for now! More from this series to come. I hope you enjoyed this (even though it was all about me...kind of).

Please leave comments and feedback below. I would love to hear from you.

Until next time...Ash 😜