The Camden Watch Company

So after being asked by everyone about my watch, I'm finally putting out this post. Might I add I was very fortunate to find these photos, as I'd lost them for a brief time (Oh the joys of photography).

Quick Disclaimer - This is not a paid or sponsored post! All images and opinions are my own. 

So after purchasing the watch that I'd fallen in love with from the second I laid eyes on it, I decided to pay a visit to their flagship store in the heart of Camden's Stable Market. Shaun, one the stores friendly workers greeted me and gave me free rain to explore.

The Store

There was a very rustic vibe about the shop. I quickly realised that this was something I was really going to enjoy capturing. Lots of antique ornaments encased with the beautiful timpieces on display. Different types of wood and cream colours added to the shops character. I loved it!

The Founders

The Founders 

A British brand, The Camden Watch Company was founded by two Camden locals; Anneke Short, a British watch designer trained in Switzerland and Jerome Short, a Swiss native born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, a place renowned for it's watch industry.

The Watches

The No.29

The No.88

The Limited Edition Hospital Horse No.29 (only available in store)

Every model is inspired by Camden itself and named after the bus routes that pass through it. Having gone to school in Camden, I was instantly able to appreciate the models. I definitely spent a lot of my youth on some of those routes. As a Camden native I'm proud to wear a watch that encapsulates the very place I grew up. Helps that the also, all look amazing!

For the love of colour and beautiful things. #ootd

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For more info head over to The Camden Watch Company page. You will not be disappointed.