Tips For Breaking Through Your Plateaus

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well and living life to the max. I thought I'd post about breaking through plateaus! This is for those who didn't see it on Coco Pros' website a while ago. I hope it helps!

So, your training is going better than ever. You’re finally enjoying the gym. You’ve found the classes that you love and your perfect cardio buddy…training life is good! Then for some reason one day you start to feel a little…sluggish. Your results start to slow down. You skip a workout or 2; which turns in to a few more. Your favourite cheat food starts calling your name, telling you not to resist any longer… sound familiar?

Welcome to your first plateau!

(Disclaimer: Internet Image)

(Disclaimer: Internet Image)

Your body is very clever. It adapts quickly to any changes in its surroundings. It's goal is to survive, to evolve! 

This includes the consistency of your training. Doing the same workout; although great, can lead to your body becoming more efficient at it. Whether you tend to do the same exercises or run the same route, your body will figure it out.

Your solution… Change it up!

Here are just a couple of things I believe can help break your plateau.

Flip Reverse It

The easiest change I’ve found is to literally flip your workout on its head. If you’re used to doing the same workout day in day out because you love it… start with the final exercise in the program and work your way through it in reverse.  This will give your body something new to think about and muscles will become fatigued in a different order.


For Resistance:

Those who are regular gym goers will have heard of Supersets. For those who haven’t, it is simply following one exercise with another (generally the opposite muscle group) e.g. following a chest exercise with a back exercise. But that’s not all. For the more advanced this can also mean hitting the same muscle group with two exercises or if your feeling brave with three or four known respectively as tri-sets and giant sets.

(Disclaimer: Internet Image)

(Disclaimer: Internet Image)

For Cardio:

You can also use the same principle for cardio training.  So your spice up you favourite cardio exercise with other exercises. Adding things like skipping, battle rope drills, mountain climbers, burpees, various planks or wall squats in between random intervals in your cardio program can change the whole dimension of your workout. For beginners I would suggest 20-30secs (regressing the exercises if necessary). For the more advanced, challenge yourself by taking the exercises on for 40secs-1min.

For example:

1min ~ Faster Paced Cardio (Treadmill)

20secs-1min ~ Skipping

Rest for 60 seconds and repeat 8-12 times.


Circuits are a great way change up your workouts. They are also great way to target stubborn fat stores. Start by taking your favourite workout and cutting the rest time to 30 seconds. This is a great way of getting your cardio and resistance in at the same time. You can also take your favourite 3 exercises and execute them with no rest until you’ve finished the final exercise. Before your know it you’ll will be sweating buckets and torching calories like never before.

Remember that some of these changes can be pretty intense. Make sure that your building yourself up slowly and getting in both your pre-workout (warm-up, mobilisation and stretching) and post-workout (cool down and stretch) routines.

Until next time,