Battle Fat with Battle Ropes | Blogmas Day 14

It's #WorkoutWednesday on Blogmas Day 14. Lets talk about one of my favourite pieces of kit! Battle Ropes.

“What I am supposed to do with that?” is generally the response I get from clients when I first introduce them to Battle Ropes. But they soon realise that this not your average piece of equipment that might go out of fashion. Battle ropes have been around for years and are here to stay.

Brief History

The original ‘battling rope’ system was founded, created and developed by a strength and endurance record holder named John Brookfield. Created in the US, Brookfield used his trademarked ‘battling ropes’ with many athletes across the NFL, MMA and US Olympic teams. What may look like your average 1-1.5 inch thick, 10-50ft long ropes used for sailboats, ‘battling ropes’ are one of my favourite tools for cardio conditioning and strength combined.


The Battle ropes work your abs, arms and shoulders. By just looping them around a solid anchor point, the ropes can be integrated into a workout in so many different ways. You can add them to your strength training workouts, create a killer fat burning cardio blast or help with mobility and core strength. Basically, if you don’t have access to battle ropes…get access to battle ropes.

The Basic Battling Rope Exercises

Rules of Thumb:

  1. Ready/Athletic Stance (knees bent, back straight, sit the butt back)
  2. Firm Grip on the Handles.
  3. Feet rotted to the floor
  4. Engaged Core
  5. Stay Focused with your head up

Battle Rope Alternating Waves:

  1. Stand in your athletic stance holding the handles at arms length in front of your hips.
  2. Alternate raising and lowering arm explosively (Like beating a drum).
  3. Keep alternating for 20-60secs.

Battle Rope Double hand Wave (The Killer):

  1. Stand in your athletic stance holding the handles at arms length in front of your hips.
  2. Raise and lower both hands at the same time explosively.
  3. Keep going for 30 -60secs

Star Jumps (These are devastatingly hard…you have been warned):

  1. Start off with feet together in a narrow squat position with handles tilted up towards you, gripping the handles like a saw with the rope under the hand.
  2. Do your normal star jump stretching out the legs and arms, landing with both stretched.
  3. Jump back to your start position, flicking the wrists down to your hips and repeat for 30-60secs.

You can integrate any one of these in to your daily routine, mesh them together with your favourite exercises like squats, lunges or even burpees or put them all together to create and cardio blast that you will never forget. 

Until next time,