My First Post for CocoPro!

A Happy Thursday to everyone,

So as most of you may have already gathered from my countless amount of Instagram posts, I am now a brand ambassador for CocoPro! A drink containing Coconut Water and high quality Whey Protein. What a start to 2016 huh?! So excited to grow with them. I can already tell that representing the brand is going to be amazing! That being said I have written a blog post that's been added to their site called, 3 Mistakes: What's stopping you? It talks about 3 things that might be stopping you from achieving our New Years resolutions. Go check it out at:

I'm hoping that this post will help you re-focus on your goals and help you stay consistent on your chosen paths to success. If you enjoyed it, please do give it a like on the site!

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Until next time...Ash 😜