Welcome, One and all!! haha.

Welcome to ASHMARTINS! 

As most of you might've known or read; I've pushed aside the Lifestylegent.com. I didn't feel like it was a true reflection of me and unfortunately that meant that I resented it if I'm being transparent.

So ASHMARTINS was born! 

In everything I've ever done in life I've been myself. So it made sense to change my approach. I hope you like the new site (bare in mind it is a work in progress as I'm still learning about this provider). I think its a little more me and a little more what I pictured my site to look like. Hopefully it will bring me more opportunities and allow me to share all I do...as myself!

Also follow me on Social Media for information on new posts. The links to my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr account are all below!

Thus begins a new journey...to becoming a better me.

Welcome to my Universe.