To balance or not to balance? The Christmas question | Blogmas Day 13

Happy Blogmas Day 13! Today I thought I would touch on a question that I get from a lot of my clients. Lets dive shall we?

People love this time of year. And why not, it’s the perfect time for parties, food, company and family. Winding down for the year feels great!

This is also the time of year where people let there training wind down too. This is when the question pops up.

‘Hey Ash, do you think I should just let me hair down over Christmas?’

As cliché as it may sound, my answer is always ‘Well that depends on you!’

My next question always be, “what do you want to do?”

There is nothing wrong with enjoying your time off and indulging over Christmas. You just need to realise that you might put on a few kilos in that time, and if your ok with that then, fill your boots I say.

But, if you want to maintain the shape that you’ve worked hard for all year, then you don’t have to have all the trimmings, sugars and drinks that everyone else is enjoying. It can be business as usual and that’s ok too. You don’t have to do something just because you feel like it’s socially acceptable to do so!

Is there a sweet spot in the middle? Maybe there is. But that again, will depend on you! Will you be able to pick up and enjoy a small amount? Or will your only option be to binge and enjoy all of it? Can you be flexible? I believe so. Being flexible can not only help your mental state of mind during the time off, but it can also help your consistency and your sustainability.

To help, here are a couple of tips to help you find that balance:

Simplify your diet

Eat clean where you can. Being flexible with a couple of cheat meals is really going to help. To be honest, if your plan is to put on some muscle over the winter, whether your male or female, eating more can work in your favour. This leads nicely into the next tip.

Simplify your training

Create shorter workouts, so that if you’re short of time (and possibly energy), you can still get your workouts in. If you want to continue your normal routine and split, opt for the bigger more compound exercises.

Fuel your motivation

Finding motivation during this period can be hard. So grab a friend or 2 and schedule in some workouts. Or if that’s not possible then find a video clip that motivates you! Your favourite athlete, sporting moment or even your favourite workout, anything. Give it a watch before you head out for your workout for an extra push!

Take a walk

Walking the night before a big meal is known to boost your metabolism, giving your body a fighting chance in processing the extra calories. It can also get the family out of the house. Can’t go the night before try going after your big meal to promote blood flow and help the body out with digestion.

Get in your micros

Routine in your micronutrients every morning with a vitamin supplement like a multi-vitamin and wash it down with some electrolytes. The extra electrolytes with help rehydrate the body, helping you to continue keeping the balance over your time off.

So no matter what, enjoy the holiday season.

Until next time,