Skipping Rope Workout

Happy Fri -Yay! It's Blogmas Day 9. Heres a skipping workout for you guys.

If you only had a small bit of space in a gym or if you’re on one your runs and think you need to spice it up a little, why not carry a skipping rope with you. It’s inexpensive, minimal, light, compact, easily transportable and fun at the same time. Your also probably thinking at the same time “I haven’t skipping since I was little”. If that’s the case, don’t worry it’s ok. Skipping is something that can be picked up from scratch, it just requires a little bit of patience. If you have this, great! If NOT, give it a shot anyway. You might just enjoy it.


  • Cardio - Skipping is a great cardiovascular workout, with the ability of being able to burn on average (and depending on your intensity) anything from 70-110 kcals (calories) in 10mins.
  • Bone density – Skipping can also lead to long-term health benefits like increased bone density. Minimising the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Fitness Anywhere – Because of their size skipping can be done anytime and anywhere.

Determine rope length

1.     Place your foot in the middle of the rope

2.     Pull rope handles up to the side of the body

3.     Handles should be armpit height. If higher they are to long.


Before you start there are a few things that you need to remember.

  • Try to maintain good upright posture keeping your head up and looking straight ahead
  • Jump on the balls of your feet
  • Land light, only jumping high enough to clear the rope (approx 1 in).
  • Slow down to start with. As your confidence increases, so will your speed.

So we are out on our run and decide to stop for a little in a park to ‘jump rope’ (as the Americans call it). So what now…

Here are two workouts adapted for the beginner and Advanced

Workout 1:

Beginner Workout:

Perform 4 sets of 30 seconds with 40-60 seconds rest

  • 2 footed Static jumps
  • 2 footed Jumping 1 Forwards and 1 Backwards
  •  Jumping Jacks (feet together to feet wide & repeat)

Advanced Workout:

Perform 5 sets of 40-50 seconds with 40 seconds rest

  •  All of the above
  •  Alternate foot step (running on the spot)
  • High knee alternate foot step

Workout 2:

Perform 2-4 rounds of each exercise for 30-50 seconds (depending on your level) with 10-30 seconds rest between each. Move from 1 through to 8 and repeat.

1.     Push ups

2.     Skipping

3.     Lunges (Advanced = Jump Lunges)

4.     Skipping

5.     Squat (Advanced = Jump Squats)

6.     Skipping

7.     Plank (Advanced = Side Plank Rotations*)

8.     Skipping

*Rotate from side to opposite side plank with out hips touching the floor. Hit each side for 3 seconds and rotate.

So if you are short on space and want something different to try, grab yourself a rope and get to skipping! 

Let me know how you get on with this one!

Until next time,