Modern Physique: My Current Training Program

Hey there guys and girls, 

So I've had a couple of questions about the training program I've been doing; so I thought I'd share it with you.

One of my go to places for 'light' reading and information on all things Training and Nutrition is If you haven't checked it out before; then you need to!! It's great. It's not all MUSCLE & BULK like it might sound. It's a great source for articles and videos on fitness, training, nutrition, motivation and more all produced by some of the most popular male and female trainers, athletes and experts in the industry.

SO...while browsing I came across Steve Cook's Modern Physique 8 Week Plan and I felt like it was the perfect plan for me...*set up 2 feet*...*jump right in*. And thats exactly what I've done! Rather than go into lots of boring detail i'll throw in the clip that swayed me...check it out below.


Yeah me too. If you want some more info please go to

Now this is my kind of program, a combination of strength, power, athleticism, flexibility and cardio training. So because of all these amazing things I'm really looking forward to getting my teeth stuck in to this one. I'll be posting pictures on my social media platforms, so follow me if your not already and give me a like or comment along the way (Links below). As always I look forward to sharing this journey with you all and I'll try to do some progress reports also.

Until next time...Ash

Post Training Shot. For more see my Instagram   @ashmartins12

Post Training Shot. For more see my Instagram @ashmartins12