My February Favourites

Hi all! Hope you're enjoying the year so far. Is it me or is it flying by?

I thought I'd do a blog and (ready for it...drum please!!!) A VIDEO, yes thats right, a video, of my favourite fashion and accessories for February. I really enjoyed this and I hope you do too. Definitely going to try and do these every month.

So my first item is my Ghost Lifestyle x Sportiqe collaboration hoodie. Im a huge fan of the products that Ghost produce, so naturally as soon as I got wind of this, I was all over it! It's super comfortable and a great material! A great purchase to start this post off.

Essential. _ GHOST x @sportiqe "New Year" Pack coming soon.

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Next up is a hoodie I picked up from H&M. It's got 'TELL ME SOMETHING NEW, SAME OLD, SAME OLD STORY BRO' printed front and back and has got a bit of me written all over it. As you may know, I'm not afraid of a little bit of colour, so this is a perfect addition to the wardrobe.

Next up, is a distressed khaki/military green jumper from Bershka. It's super distressed and I love it! It's oversized and looks great on. I'm in a bit of an oversized faze at the moment and I'm loving Bershka for that. Lots of dress up or down pieces!

On to an outwear piece. I saw mens fashion blogger Gallucks in this when he attended The BRIT Awards and I just had to have it. It's a Khaki/military green trench coat from River Island. I found it very difficult to find a trench coat last year but I'm super happy with this one.

Khaki Trench Coat  by River Island

Khaki Trench Coat by River Island

On to accessories! My favourite! First off are these Nike Flystepper 2k3s. Found these in the Nike Concept store, Kings Cross and were a must when I saw them. 

We are getting through these aren't we! Next up is a Michael Kors Duffel bag that I found. Always wanted a quality duffel and really looking forward to using it. Currently on sale so definitely head over and check it out!

Kent Large Nylon Duffel  by Michael Kors

Kent Large Nylon Duffel by Michael Kors

Kent Large Nylon Duffel by Michael Kors

Kent Large Nylon Duffel by Michael Kors

Next up are my Camden Watch Company watches, model No.88. I absolutely love these! You've probably seen them all over my Instagram cause I wear them whenever I can. Great pieces for smart and casual affairs. Whats is great is that I can also switch the straps to give them a totally different look. The two I have are the Tan Silver and the Limited Edition Tom Sayer. The detail on the Tom Sayer just blew my mind and the story behind it, sold it for me (Find the full story here).

No. 88 Models  by the Camden Watch Company

No. 88 Models by the Camden Watch Company

My final item is the Sauvage fragrance by Dior. A great scent for any man to have in his collection. I feel like a new man evertime I put it on. I got this quote from the Dior website...sums this fragrance up 

"To create Sauvage, I used man as my starting point. A strong and unmistakable masculinity. Like the image of a man who transcends time and fashion."
François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

Enough said!

Sauvage  by Dior

Sauvage by Dior

Thanks for joining me for my February Favourites. Please enjoy the video below. Found any of these useful? Comment below and let me know.

Until next time,