Flat Whites and a Harley

Now I'm no motorbike expert. But, I know a good piece of machinery when I see it! While having coffee  with the boys (mine was a Mocha), my peripheral went into overdrive. Outside the Ask for Janice Cafe in Smithfield market we saw (what i was told was) a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883. The owner, a nice guy who seemed to know exactly what he was talking about and showed the boys the bike while I took photos. From what I overheard the owner had supped the air-cooled, Evolution twin engine to 1200 (whether this is true or not I have know idea...). He'd added a custom seat, so he was lower to the ground and was in the process of customising the rear mud guard. He had also wrapped the piping, which for all you bike novices out there (including myself) creates a different sound to the bike by keeping the pipes warm. And let me tell you...the sound that came out of that machine...was mind blowing! Apparently in the biking world it's very normal to buy a bike and customise the hell out of it. Does it make me want a Harley...HELL YES! Will I actually do it...one day maybe. But right now I'm too chicken. Definitely want to learn more about bikes though.