Review: Café Nespresso

Happy Monday everyone, It's time for story time with Ash, to give you guys a bit of context.

So a year ago I would've told you that I don't drink coffee. The only thing I liked about coffee was the smell and even that was only on rare occasions when I walked past a coffee shop or when someone I was with ordered a coffee flavoured dessert. But thanks to my friends at work (coffee connoisseurs in their own rights), I've started to appreciate coffee. From a hot chocolate with an espresso shot kind of guy, to a Mocha guy (which everyone assured me were the same thing...they are wrong). But the more that I have, the more I've learnt to enjoy them. 

In the last year I tried various coffees in different boutique shops across London. Turn to present day where I've sat and taken countless pictures of milky designs, in the middle of bitter sweet mocha's, Am I becoming the mocha connoisseur?!

Enter Café Nepresso. Perched on the corner of Cheapside in the city, this large cafe is the epitome of elegance. It's a café with simple decor; coffee coloured flooring, espresso colours above, with a chic lighting and table set up. I mean... this place is nice! While sitting here I feel an essence of calm in what is always a hectic environment. Better yet, you don't have to have your traditional coffee (or my traditional mocha). 

The Coffee cocktails, part of the café's Gourmet collection, are a real game changer for me, mainly because I sometimes fancy something a little more light and refreshing. I opted for the Nespresso Beach. A pleasant combination of pineapple, peach, cranberry and vanilla topped off with a shot of Espresso Leggero coffee and man it did not disappoint. The Café offers a range of other drinks which includes all of your traditional coffees.


But it doesn't end there. Go from day to night with wines and cocktails of a different kind to start your evenings off. As well as various food choices you can see why some people would spend all day there. I was certainly tempted! For those of you with a Nespresso machine, you are catered for as well with stations for you to order and pick up your capsules! Looks like a win win for most. 

I know where I am going to be doing most of my work!

Until next time, 


All pictures and opinions are my own. This was not a paid/sponsored post.