A Barbell Complex: Training Made Easy | Blogmas Day 4

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry for not posting yesterday for Blogmas day four. A day of basketball ruined my plans, which couldn’t be helped. But as its Monday I thought I put out two posts for you guys to make up for it.  Look out for my second post tonight. I thought today I’d continue with the fitness theme and help you guys out with another workout post.

Now, we all want the balance. Build muscle, Burn fat…easy right? Generally these two concepts contradict themselves or just don’t work together. We know that fat burning involves cardio. But some of us dread being chained to a cross trainer or treadmill to get the results we want. The risk of muscle break down is high and lets be honest it can be quite boring…especially if it’s something you don’t want to do. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be your only option.

Enter...The Barbell complex (Sounds scary right?).

I know the name suggests hard work and complexity. It’s actually real simple. A barbell complex is just a series of exercises performed one after another with one barbell, for a great full body workout.

How To

Now a barbell complex can be used in many different ways. Typically you are looking at 4-6 exercises that flow together from one to another. But there are just a few things to remember:

1.     Start off with a lighter weight that you can use for every exercise. It’s not about going as heavy as you can, it’s about keeping the heart rate elevated and challenging the body.

2.     Exercises must transition easily. Without readjusting or letting go of the bar.

3.     Your limit is your imagination.


(WARNING: This will be more challenging than you think)

You can use a Barbell complex after your regular scheduled workout as a finisher or as a separate, fast paced, high intensity workout. This will depend on your goals. You can perform a select number of rounds or aim for as many rounds as you can in an allotted time (perfect for that quick lunchtime gym run for example). Train with a friend and trade rounds. Rest and push your buddy while they attack their round. Or add a competitive edge and safely compete against each to perform maximum rounds in a certain time. Like I mentioned, your imagination is your only limit.

Here’s an example: Perform 6-8 reps dependent on goal

1.     Barbell (Bb) Clean

2.     Bb Shoulder/Military press

3.     Bb Alternating Forward Lunge

4.     Bb Bent Over Row

BEGINNERS: 3 rounds with 3mins rest between rounds

INTERMIDIATE: 4 rounds with 2mins rest between rounds

ADVANCED: 5 rounds with 60-90secs rests between rounds

(If you struggle with certain exercises, ask for advice from your gyms fitness professionals to look over your technique.)

Recovery is important after this sort of workout so be sure to stretch and consume a fast digesting protein and carb source upon finishing. About 45-90 minutes later be sure to have a balanced and nutritious meal.

Until next time,