Battle Rope Workout | Blogmas Day 15

Welcome to Day 15 of Blogmas everyone! I thought I would follow up yesterdays guide to battle ropes with a quick battle rope workout. This is a great one to add as a finisher after your normal workout or as a short sharp cardio blast. 

For more information on Battle Ropes, see my previous post (click here).


Perform each exercise in this sequence for 20-40secs with 10-30secs rest between exercises. On completing all exercise rest for 60-90secs and repeat (dependent on fitness level).

For a finisher, repeat 2-3 times. For a cardio blast, repeat 6-8 times.


Alternating Wave

Double Hand Wave

In and Outs

Single-arm plank (can also be done on the elbows) 

Star Jumps

Give this quick workout a try and comment below letting me know how your get on. Remember to do all exercises with speed and aggression. If your not sweating by the end, your probably doing it wrong.

Until next time,