A Mens Fashion Guide To Las Vegas

So as some of you may or may not know. I’m off to the Nevada desert, aka Las Vegas, at the beginning of September. As holidays go…this one is pretty up there.  Fortunately (aside from the friends I’m going with) I have a few friends going at the same time on a stag do. But as one of them kindly put…

‘Most of the lads will go out in their rugby league kits, if given a choice’

…meaning they have no idea what to wear. So lads…this one is for you.

(Disclaimer) Internet Image

(Disclaimer) Internet Image

We all know Las Vegas is a party town. Home to historic shows, fantastic hotels and some of the best views the world has to offer. So being dressed for any occasion is going to be crucial.

I am very lucky and proud to be British. We are seen by most, as some of the best-dressed people in the world. In Vegas, apparently the person next to you at the gambling tables or the nice restaurants will be dressed in cargo shorts and crocs... and there’s an 80% chance he or she will be a millionaire. But don’t worry; everyone loses his or her money in the same way over there. The one thing you need to remember is, you’ll be treated better if you look like you deserve respect.

Now a quick disclaimer. I’ve never been to Vegas, so a lot of this info has come about through a lot of research. These images and products are not in any way collaborated or endorsed. The product suggestion are all taken from internet shops. This Vegas Fashion Guide, is what I recommend you take to cover all bases.

The Day

So in Vegas it seems like you can have 2 types of day’s…pool party days or tourist days.

Tourist Days

If you’re being a tourist for the day, the number one rule is to be comfortable! It’s hot, real hot! So a wife beater, your favourite rugby jersey or something light will be perfect. But if you’re out to impress, the less print the better and a smart pair of shorts always wins (Click captions for links).

So be smart and wear appropriate clothing and footwear for those long walks through the town or trips out to the famous activities Vegas has to offer. Flip-flops are something you should probably avoid due to the amount of dust and sand from the surrounding dessert. Unless you want a severe case of “dusty foot” (not a good look), your favourite sneaks might be the way forward.

Pool Party Day

Vegas pool parties are king (apparently), and by the sounds of it, it’s what Vegas does best. But there are a few rules…follow them or risk a lonely stroll back to your hotel to change.

(Disclaimer: these rules were taken mainly from the Wet Republic website. Some are added from other pool party sites)


  • Sports attire (basketball or gym shorts)
  • Athletic wear
  • Torn or cut off clothing
  • Offensive prints
  • See-through clothing
  • Chains
  • Baggy clothing
  • Hard soled shoes or boots
  • Sweat pants
  • Dress shorts
  • Tank tops or wife beaters

Pretty straight forward really. Beware that you will need ID. Passports are apparently fine. Your bags will be searched and most venues will have lockers and cloakrooms. Unfortunately videos cameras and SLR’s are not allowed. This also includes Go Pro cameras. Don’t worry I asked…it’s true. The ideal thing to do is travel light. Some people recommend waterproof pouches to keep your valuables safe and close.

Now I’m all for looking different. And I’m not saying your should, but unless you want to look like everyone else, avoid board shorts. They are definitely allowed and they definitely look cool, but this is Vegas. Upscale swimwear is ideal for these kinds of parties. If your feeling bold, try going for a printed pair (click here).

Ash's Tip: Spend a little bit more on prints to avoid them look tacky (click here).

On top, plain, smart t-shirts or short-sleeved shirts are the way to go. If you’ve worked hard and are proud of your torso, then an open shirt and swim shorts will give it the attention it deserves. Remember no offensive prints.

Ash’s Tip of the Post: To avoid looking like a box in a short sleeved shirt, roll the sleeves up a bit, to add more shape to your look.

For the wheels, soft shoes rule, walk in in a good pair of espadrilles and have your flip-flops ready in your bag for the pool (or just wear your flip-flops). Doesn’t hurt to be prepared. You might get in in trainers, but that’ll depend on whether the doorman is having a good day or not. Other accessories to finish your look will be, straw hats and a pair of stylish sunglasses. If your going to bring a bag make sure it’s a good one. Leave your drawstring gym bag in the UK where it belongs!

Office - Espadrilles  (Limited sizes, review all options)

Office - Espadrilles (Limited sizes, review all options)

Topman - Straw Hat  (Options)


Now here is where it gets real!

Pool party nights are pretty much the same as day. But my advice is to go for a printed, collared, casual short-sleeve shirt.

Asos -  Short Sleeve Shirts  (Featured : Asos - Camo Short Sleeve)

Asos -  Short Sleeve Shirts (Featured : Asos - Camo Short Sleeve)

Most rooftop bars and restaurants have a casual dress code, depending on where you decide to wine and dine. But when it comes to nightclubs the rules are very strict regarding the male dress code. Basically the better you look the more likely you are to get in.

Here’s the lowdown…

  • Avoid T-shirts. If you have to wear one, wear it with style. Add a light, smart jacket or fitted blazer to smarten it up. Yes it’s still warm at night. But you can always wear it until you get inside.
  • The collared shirt looks like a standard procedure. Pack and couple of white shirts and couple of light blue and you’ll be set.  Avoid black on top all together, as you’ll probably be mistaken as staff.
Ash's Tip: A waistcoat could also be an option to dress up and more casual looking shirt or t-shirt (click here).
  • Well-fitting pairs of jeans is good. The smarter, the better. No rips or holes whatsoever. Chinos, linen or suit trousers are a good call. That’ll be down to your preference. But remember if you can’t dance in them, then they are probably the wrong pair to be wearing.
  • Smart shoes are a necessity. If you want to stand out, don’t just shine up the old black school shoes. Try a lighter pair of tan or brown, shoes or boots to go with those jeans. They'll take your look from a 6, to a 10. If you have to wear trainers you may get away with a smart pair of all black trainers with no stand out logos.  But that’s down to the big guys at the door.

(Click here for other shoe options)

Now unfortunately, if a guy walks straight past you in the queue to your next venue, in a pair of trainers, a printed t-shirt and a baseball cap it’s because he either:

  1. Knows someone on the inside
  2. Is a regular or a local
  3. Is slipping the bouncer a Benjamin ($100)
  4. Is probably that millionaire you didn’t see at the blackjack table (80% chance)

So shouting about other people walking in, is not going to help your case.

So all in all, imagine you’re at a pool party in Shoreditch house or out in one of Mayfair’s most exclusive clubs and you’ll be set!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this. If it’s been helpful or if you have any questions, comment below and I’ll try my best to help you out. Otherwise enjoy the city that truly…never sleeps.

Until next time,