Goal Setting: A mistake you might be making x 3!

In this day and age everyone loves a good exercise goal and rightly so. They are what drives us and give us a reason to work out. But sometimes we can get bored and our exercise goals become a distant memory.

Here are 3 reasons why…

Running before you can crawl

 Everyone likes to hit the ground running with his or her training. But going too hard too fast with your training frequency and intensity can be detrimental to you achieving your overall goals. If you’ve taken a long amount of time off and indulged, it’s more than likely that you won’t be able to take part in high intensity exercise straight away without posing a very high risk of injury. This also includes your nutrition; cutting calories too fast can have a negative effect on your metabolism causing it to slow down and in turn, have a negative effect on your training.

Solution: Take Baby steps!

·      Be the tortoise and not the hare. Take your time getting back into exercise.

·      Build the number of times you exercise up slowly so that your body has enough time to recover.

·      Make smaller reductions to your calorie intake so that your body has a chance to process what is going on and adapt accordingly.

·      Help yourself be consistent by choosing a goal for your training or nutrition that is realistic and achievable.

·      Have fun with it!

Over sharing your goals

 Research has shown that people who ‘over share’ their goals are less likely to achieve them. By announcing it to more people than needed, you receive early gratification e.g. “I’m so proud of you, well done!” or “OMG that’s so good!” This can imply that you’re already close to achieving your goals and help you to forget about the hard work yet to come; in turn, causing you to give up on your goal early.

Solution: Don’t shout about it!

·      Rather than share the overall goal with people that it doesn’t directly affect, share the process with them instead.

·      Take ownership of your goal so your goal is more important to you.

·      Talk about how much work you’ve got to do in order to achieve your short-term goals.

o   If your running a marathon talk about the distances you have yet have to run.

o   If you plan on using the gym 4x that week say “I’ve worked hard at the gym twice this week and I’ve got 2x to go.

Giving up too soon

 So you’ve missed a couple of days training at the gym, been out for dinner, had a bad day and reached for your favourite flavour ice cream with your best friend Netflix or gone for a couple of ‘quiet’ drinks, so in turn, have decided

“I can’t do this, there’s no point…I give up!!”

Solution: Get back on the horse!

·      The odd blip (One bad meal in a week or one missed training session) will not cause long-term damage to your plan. Your goal will still be in sight.

·      Be strong and don’t give in to temptation.

·      The sooner you get back on track the more positive you will feel about your resolution and your goals.

All in all:

1.   Be Realistic.

2.   Own it.

3.   Don’t give up.

Get back on the straight and healthy…you’ve got work to do! 😜