Fedora Hats and Khaki Vibes

What's up everyone and a Happy Hump Day. Sorry I know you're all disappointed I'm not posting a booty post or any belfies (aka. butt selfies for the less social media inclined). But I thought I'd throw a style post on here for you.

My personal style, like many of yours, is taken from all different sources. Over the past year I've had this mad obsession with the All Saints, Bronson Fedora hats. I love these hats and they are going to part of my wardrobe for a long long time!

With this particular outfit other than the hat I decided that I wanted to wear both my new asymmetric hooded jacket from Bershka and my new Nike Flystepper 2k3s that you might've seen in my February Favourites post. So all that was left was to fit everything in the middle. So because I'm loving the khaki vibes at the moment, I figured why not go all out. If you've been around the shops lately you would've noticed that there is Khaki ABSOLUTELY everywhere and I love it. I threw on my jogger trousers, a long line angled tee and the rest is history. I'm loving this kind of look right now. Especially if I want to keep it casual and comfortable.

Until next time, 



Black Leather Bronson Fedora - All Saints (others currently on sale, GO GO GO!!)

Asymmetric Hooded Jacket - Bershka

Khaki Jogger Trousers - Bershka

Khaki Angled Tee - River Island (similar here)

Black Flystepper 2k3s - Nike (similar here)