Back Session - Increased Intensity

Session 2. July 5th.

It's funny, it's almost like some thing has clicked today. 

I can feel the emotion, borderline sadness. I think the previous session has had it's effect on me. I don't want to feel that again. Not ever.

I WANT THIS! I want this SO MUCH!

Or it could be MNEK in my ear. But I can feel it! My body telling me now is the time. The results are going to come, I can feel it.

I want to be leaner. Better! I'm tired of being seen as average, being over looked and being pasted by. I know deep down it's only little things. But they feel huge! Maybe I'm being sensitive. I have no idea. But I'm going with it.

Pull up 4 sets to failure

This is definitely a struggle but I'm ploughing on. Nothing is going to stop me today! Warm up done. Time to get to work. 

3-4 sets of 6-8 reps, dropping straight into 15 reps

Lat pull down - 70-80kg/ 35kg

Pure Strength Plate Machine Row - 100-110kg/40-60kg

Smith Machine Bent Over Row - 70kg/40kg

Seated Row Wide Grip - 60kg/30kg

Smith Machine Bent Over Row

Smith Machine Bent Over Row

Seated Row Wide Grip

Seated Row Wide Grip

I love this type of training. Feeling the burn on every rep and every muscle doing the job it should. The point of first part of the exercises at 6-8 reps is to go as heavy as possible. I haven't pushed this hard in a while and the pump i'm getting feels ridiculous. Especially after the drop to 15 reps straight afterwards. The no rest is HARD but it feels great. I keep telling myself to remember to squeeze. Thats the whole point of the 15 reps, concentrate on forcing the muscle to work harder. 

After bashing my knee from throwing my weight around I can feel the intensity. I feel little more drained. The weights are starting to feel like double the number thats printed on them.

Straight Arm Pulldowns

Straight Arm Pulldowns

Straight Arm Pull Downs - 30-35/15

Second wind...I feel like a beast. Probably cause straight arm pull downs are one of my favourite exercises. I use the rope because it is flexible to way my arms want to move. The drop set and the minimal rest in between sets has made this workout feel great. I'll definitely continue to use these rep ranges to up the intensity. 

This is only the beginning. 

Be better next time...I WILL!