First Leg Session in Forever

Hey Everyone, 

Welcome to my first workout on the training log. Now, as word of warning, these posts are pretty much a journal of my workouts some with random images while in my workout. So there aren't many facts and important info but mainly just how I'm feeling on the day. I'm a little bit behind right now on getting them out, but I will post every workout that I remember to do. Enjoy.

Leg Workout inspired by Steve Cook & Charles Glass - July 3rd

I am definitely not looking forward to today. It's my first worked since pulling my hamstring in May at the yearly Bradford University Mayday Basketball Tournament. I have a feeling this is not going to go well. Warming up is key today. Dynamic warm up, check. Foam rolling, check. Sit on bike for added blood to my legs, check. Right lets get it!

Leg extension  4sets x 25reps 

Only 3 three words can describe how I feel at this point. Burn, burn and BURN. I feel like I haven't lifted a weight in my life. I feel like i'm rusty. Stiff. Like an old my bending down to pick up something that he's dropped.  Not good. On to the dreaded four set tri-set of:

Leg Press - 25 reps

Single Leg Box Step - 20 reps each leg

Walking Lunges - 20 each leg

Set 1: I feel sick, had to take a second to stop it from coming up. I managed it...just.

Set 2: I feel limp. My quads on fire, my glutes are on fire! Sitting down is nowhere near a relief. I feel like I might not actually get through this.

Set 3: (only 1 word) UGH... 

Set 4: Dizziness is kicking in. Set took double the time to do. It's over, but I feel like my legs are too. Think this might've been to much for the first session back. The shock of the exercises together has drained every ounce of energy I have.

Lying Single Hamstring Curl - 3 sets of 15-20 reps

First isolation weight since injury and I can tell. Sounded like a great idea. Need to do half the weight I used too...if that.

2nd set equals less weight...feel like the hamstrings haven't done anything in years. Barely get 20 reps for each leg. Starting to feel the pinch...and not in a good way. I think I'm done. My legs have been defeated.

I will to better next time...I will!