Morning Shoulder Session

Hey there everyone! Please don't be to annoyed at me that I'm totally behind on these posts. 

Shoulder Session  - July 14th 

So the last few days I've felt awful. Tired. Clouded mind. It's Thursday and I've had a cancellation so I'm taking the opportunity to get a workout in.

Warm up 3 x15 Plate Loaded Shoulder Press

DB Shoulder Press 5 sets of 6/15 reps

Morning workouts always feel weaker to me, especially when its impromptu. Playing with weights cause I haven't done heavy shoulders in ages. Feels tight and man does it burn.

Leaning Barbell Lateral Raise 15 reps, 3 sets. 

I love this exercise. The Barbell adds an stability element to the exercise, forces the deltoids/shoulder muscles to work harder (well that what it feels like anyway).

Landmine Single Arm Clean and Press 4sets of 12 reps each arm

Triceps and shoulders are starting to fatigue. But I've got enough to increase the weight a little each time. There's an added cardio element to this one, another one of my favourites. Shoulders are on fire, sweat is starting to get into my eyes and sting...more weight!! I think the Landmine is probably the first piece of kit that I would buy. It's so functional that you can train absolutely everything on it. 

Landmine Single Arm Clean & Press

Landmine Single Arm Clean & Press

Dumbbell Lateral Raises drop set 2 drops. 3 sets. Max 12 reps

Set 1 burn, set 2 burn, set 3 dead. Focus: keeping weights by the side, not in front and keeping them time for pausing in these sets. 

Session done. Felt good to give the shoulders a kicking. Until next time.

Time to walk it out...uphill sweat fest! Incline set at max 15.

I will be better next time...I Will