Your Guide To Keeping A Training Diary | Blogmas Day 19

Apologies for the delay in this post. As a result i'll be putting two posts out today. Lets get stuck in!

Now people keep saying to me…

‘This health and fitness lark seems like hard work!’

But have no fear! I’m going throw in something in that might make life a little easier on your fitness journey…keep a training diary.

Keeping a training diary, is a method used by most experts in the fitness industry to track their own and other peoples progress in regards to training, nutrition and everything in everyday life. Here’s a short guide to help you get tracking.

What to put in it

Your diary doesn’t have to just be your workouts in the gym or your running information for that day. But also think about tracking other sometimes-vital pieces of information.


It could be your starting, current or goal weight for motivation.

Number of hours sleep

With the latest craze of sleep tracking apps and gadgets this should be simple, but when in doubt just do it the old fashioned way.

Willingness to train

This can be really important when looking back at your training.


What you did, how long for, intensity, average HR, route etc.


Tracking your mood before and after training can be great when you have amazing workouts on days when you’re feeling below average.

Food before and after

Learn how and what foods affect your workout in positive and negative ways. E.g. How good your tuna salad made you feel after your workout!

The Benefits

Builds Confidence

Looking back and visually seeing progress over a period of time is a massive confidence booster. If you have a plan before you head into the gym, go for a run or even any type of situation, you are going to be more confident in that environment. But a training diary can also help you notice when you plateau and when it's time to change things around, especially if you’re someone that likes to do a lot of different activities. If you think you might be plateauing check this article below the help mix things up.

Tips For Breaking Through Your Plateaus


If you struggle with staying motivated, keeping a diary can help you stay motivated and keep up your training momentum. Do something daily in order to keep that motivation up. But also on those days you feel demotivated and want to skip your workout or activity; knowing you have to fill in you diary will make you think twice.

Don’t lose your way

A training diary also helps keep your eye on the prize. Without a diary it’s very easy to lose focus, procrastinate and find something better to do. Stay on track by seeing where you finished the last time you did an exercise or workout. You can also see the patterns as to when and what you’ve eaten before and after training. Did you feel lethargic and sluggish or amazing and energised? Also see how these things may affect your mind-set going into or coming out of a workout.

One of the keys to keeping a diary or just logging your training in general, is to be totally honest. Let your diary know. It won't judge you and it won't tell anyone, unless you want it too. It will also in turn, let you know whether you are making the right decisions with your training and in life.


There are two methods really. There are mobile apps, making life super convenient like My Fitness Pal, Map My Run, Fitbit or Under Armour Record (to name just a few). Then there’s good old-fashioned pen and paper. Give it a try. You might enjoy it! 

Until next time,