My New Years Resolution

First of all I want to apologise for the amount of time it has taken for me to post this, but here goes!

So here we are folks. We made it to 2016!! Go us! Bearing in mind its now February!

OK Step 1: New Years resolution…


I don’t know if its just me but for some reason New Years Resolutions always seem to be seen as something you can plan and then forget about as we get bored of it. I feel it’s better for me to think of them as goals to work towards in the year. My Goal:


 'Be a better version of myself’

 Therefore, improve training & nutritional consistency. 

Now I’m going to be completely transparent with you all. My training consistency is not the best. I’m naturally a big person and it’s always been easy for me to skip a session here and there (Something that we have all done). But now more than ever (wait for it here comes a quote)...


'Consistency is Key'

Being consistent is one of the easiest ways to reach any version of your fitness goals no matter how big or small. So consistency will be the key thing I will be focusing on to improve myself and I urge you to do so as well. Find a plan or system that is practical, smart and manageable for you. And by being consistent with it, it will in turn be even easier to achieve. This also helps with other parts of life. Whether it be your work, or personal life. So come up with your own goals. Dream big if your want. Remember that no goal is too big or too small. 

BUT...if it’s been a while then start off slow by moving more and building yourself up to your goal so it’ll be easier for you to be consistent.

Now this is the game changer!! 

It’s common knowledge that fitness goals come hand in hand with a friend called Nutrition. Nutrition is one of those things that everyone has an opinion on. Different diets, FAD diets and disciplines. What we really need to understand is that good nutrition is crucial to achieving any fitness goal. From losing or gaining a few pounds, to running a marathon or some other crazy endurance race or just to look good/better in your beachwear. 

Now I’m far from a nutritionist (I’m working on it…watch this space). But in my experience I have come to the conclusion that:

  1.   You CANNOT out train a bad diet…(unless you are one of those super genetic outlier kind of people).
  2.  The process is 20% Training and 80% diet with a side of 100% Consistency (please do not add these percentages together).

But one thing I will assure you is that it is not easy! If it were; then we would all be doing it! I believe it is down to our approach, mindset and relationship with food. This is something I plan to talk about in more detail in another post. 

Like my training, my nutritional consistency has also not been great. Although not completely off the rails there has been a lot of ‘over indulging’ this past year that I’m going to call ‘Enjoying Life’. The truth is that you can still enjoy life with good nutrition. And I believe it can START with a few simple changes.

  1. Drinking more water
  2. Getting ALL of your Macro* AND Micro** nutrients in
  3. Limiting your Alcohol Content
  4. Avoiding Processed foods

*Carbs, Fats and Proteins **Vitamins and Minerals


Common sense right (You’d be surprised)! By implementing these things and being CONSISTENT, your goals quickly stop becoming a dream and become more like a reality. 

I will be starting with these and so you should too!! 

 'Dream Big and Never Quit'

- Marc Megna, Former NFL Athlete & Performance Coach


Please feel free to make any comments below. If there is anything you would like to hear about or connect with me about then please do not hesitate to contact me. Just hit the Contact tab at the top of the page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Until next time…Ash

Coming soon are my Training and Nutrition Logs, where I will be logging all that I do regarding Training and Nutrition!